Von Brain tickled

Professor Von Brain in a recuring character in Undercover Elephant episode ,,Pain in the Brain.,, He is a briliant scientist who is target of evil mad scientist Stronganoff.

In episode Undercover Elephant and Loud mouse are sent to secret laboratory to protect professor Von Brain from evil mad scientist Ian von Stronganoff. However Stronganoff manages to kidnaps Von Brain and take him to his acstle at Bavaria. There in his laboratory he submits Von Brain to feet tickle torture with a feather to make him talk, but Von Brain resist saying ,,Do what you will Stronganoff you feind, I'll never talk.'' Undercover Elephant arives and after few failed atempts to rescue Von Brain, he switches places with him. Stronganoff realising Von Brain has excaped and that is Undercover Elephant, turn his word extractor device on maximum causing castle to explode. In the end Von Brain kindly tanks Undercover Elphant for saving him, while Stronganoff is tied up and arrested.