Norman Stone is a character in Irish Italian French cartoon Norman Normal. In show his family was hit by exploding micro wave so they all turned into superheroes except Norman who was reading comics in his room, leaving Normal only with no supper powers and normal having to handle problems like bullies at school and villains like normal person which makes him sometimes crazy.

In episode Super-comeback of cultural Maniac, Norman write fake report about himself in newspaper causing school bullies to beat him. This newspaper attract attention of main villain Cultural Maniac, who thinks Norman is a genius and wants to adopt him as his son. But after Norman visits Cultural Maniac, the villain realize Norman is not a genius so he decide to torture him. He ties Norman to a chair and puts his bare feet into a fish bowl. After saying how Norman is a big dissapointment for him, since he wanted to adopt his as his son, Norman said he has one crazy father, by which Cultural Maniac pours a pair of Melanogramus Lauginus or the Tickle fishes into a bowl where Norman feet where, causing Norman to laughs from tickling fishes caused to him. Lucky to Norman his family arrived the moment tickling started and after a short fight saved him.