Kit Cloudkicker
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 13
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Kit Cloudkicker is a deutaragonist and one of main characters of Disney's TV animated serie Tail Spin. He is 13 years old orphan bear cub and sidekick and navigator of main character Baloo. In show it is revealed that Kit is very ticklish on his bare feet and that he hate to be tickled so much, that he would do Algebra instead of being tickled

Polly wants a treasureEdit

In this episode Kit and Baloo meet parrot named Ignatz who was in posesion of old pirate captain Juan Toomany. Ignatz is also target of evil Don Karnage and his sidekicks Mad Dog and Dumptruck. While Baloo and Ignatz quarrel and show mutual disliking, Kit try to be only sense man and to setle things among them. When Baloo tries to sell Ignatz to Dumptruck in disguise, Ignatz propose Kit that they two go alone to find treasure. This leads Kit direct into hands of Don Karnage and his minions, who after failing to capture the parrot, subject Kit to tickle torture while being tied to tree so that they can lure Ignatz. Ignatz eventual stumble upon Baloo who hears Kit and is horrified of scene, saying they should do something. Ignatz create diversion and free Kit while Karnage is run over by his stupid minions who fight Baloo. All tree are united again, but Kit is captured once again, only to be saved after Baloo and Ignatz decide to work together.


This episode is diferent in a way that Kit who in other episodes is ussualy more cunning and able to outsmart his enemies was more naïve and unable to get away. Even if he was only sane man and tried to setle things among Baloo and Ignatz, he was the victim of their quarrel and his own great whish to get treasure, which shows Kits greedy side.