Gladys is a minor character in French animated TV serie Lucky Luke. She was shown only in episode The Alibi, where she was tickle tortured in order to sign papers for her inherit.


Gladys tickle tortured

==The Alibi==

Lucky Luke is called by a rich man who wants that Lucky arrange for his stepdaughter Gladys and her husbant Jonathan a tour thru Wild West with faked dangers. Lucky goes to lockal theatre and hire two actors to created danger. Lucky also hire Inidians. During one night at lockal saloon Jonathan say to Lucky that Gladys is women who can take care of herself. The next day actors arrive as bandits and kidnaps Gladys. But when Lucky and Jonathan arrive at randevous point,, they find out someone other has taken Gladys and tied the actors. Lucky figures out that they had taken Gladys to old abandon mines. In the mine tow outlaw try to make Gladys to sight paper but she refuses. So they start tickling her on her bare shoulders and neck with a feather. Gladys starts to laugh beg saying she can't stand tickling and that she will sight papers. Outside Lucky and Johnatan hears what is happening and Lucky come to idea to create fire to make outlaws with Gladys come out. But suddenly a masked man uses Lucky's diversion to knock outlaws and kidnaps Gladys. Lucky and Johnatan chase the man, and glass they used to make fire fall down blinding kidnappers horse. Final they all find out it was Gladys stepfather who used Lucky's tour to Wild West so he can have a perfect alibi.


Although Gladys is tough women who can care for her self, she wasn't able to endure ordinary shoulder tickling, showing that she is very gentle and sensitive young women.