Druid Getafix or druid Panoramix, as his name is pronounced in French is tertagonist of Rene Gochiny's Asterix the Gaul comic and Asterix and Obleix comic serie, animated film serial and motion pictures. He is the village druid responsible for brewing magic potion which gives villagers of small Gaulic village magic strength, so they can fight Roman army of Julius Cesar.As so he is constant target of Romans and enemies of Gauls who wants secret of potion for themselves. In first comic and animated film based on this comic, Druid was captured and tickle tortured to reveal secret of magic potion.

Getafix tickle tortured

==Asterix the Gaul==

In first comic and animated film, Romans manage to conquer all Gaul except on village which inhabitants have superhuman strength and are able in small numbers to defeat big Roman coxorts. Centurio Phonus Bollonus( Gaius Bonus in French) wants to find out secret of Gauls, so he sends spy descuised in Gaul to village. He there meet Asterix and Obelix who save him, and present him to village druid Getafix, who is making a potion. Asterix very soon find outs newcomer is actually Roman spy but he gets away. The spy get to Romans and tell the centurion the secret, so he makes a plan that since druid is needing ingredians for the potion, he will make a trap for him. When druid went to forest, Romans dig up a hole with a fishing net and a leaves in which druid is caught. They then bring him to Petit Bonum camp. There centurion ask druid for secret, but he refuses. He then orders that they tie druid for wooden table, while his is subjected to bare feet feather torture for hours to make him talk. Unlucky for centurion druid didn't make any usual reaction and even told how tickling make him pass time. Asterix realizes that druid is missing went searching for him, finds out from poor ox cart owner where is druid and went to save him. After few mischief tricks made by Gauls on Roman account, Asterix and druid are set free by Julius Cesar himself, while evil centurion is sent to Mongolia to fight barbarians...


Druid Getafix is one of the few characters in cartoon history who was able not only to endure tickle torture for long time, but not to give any reaction. This fact earned him status of Badass Grandpa on Tv Trope site. Both Centurion and druid claimed it was due to druid magical powers.